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Frequently asked Questions

Question: I am a vegetarian, but I seem to have health problems, I thought being a vegetarian would insure my health. I have indigestion, yeast problems and my energy is very low, my hair is following out, what am I doing wrong.

Answer: Probably being a vegetarian. Check your blood type first. If you are having problems you probably should not be a vegetarian. However, if this is your conviction let me suggest for Indigestion b12 for the first 12 inches of sm intestine, try yeast flakes by Lewis labs, it is the best natural source of all the b- vitamin complex, is a good source of protein as well as all the amino acids. In horror you say, but I have yeast; this will not affect it. You have yeast problems because the ph in your body is off. Chlorophyll is indicated as well.

Question: My emotional swings are becoming overwhelming; I am seeing a psychiatrist and am taking Celexa. I am losing my hair and my skin is breaking out, I am too old for acne. The veins in my legs are getting large, I have lots of spider ones, my doctor has told me to get a cholesterol test, I cant keep my weight down and I exercise 4 times a week, what is happening to me? I am only 32.

Answer: First question I have is: are you on birth control pills? You are describing the classic symptom of women on the pill. Get off and see what changes happen.

Question: I am in my fifties and my sex life is not satisfactory. I can’t seem to sustain an erection, and having one is becoming a guessing game. What can I take?

Answer: First what kind of meds are you on? Many side effects of them are erectile dysfunction; especially those for cholesterol and high blood pressure, there are natural supplements to help with those. There are so many supplements for the conditions described, that you need to come and see me at the vat barn on Thursday and I can evaluate which one is right for you. There are still some warnings, even with natural supplements, some are too hot and also can even raise blood pressure.

Question: I am taking 1500mg of calcium/magnesium a day, why are my levels are still low?

Answer: It is not what you take, but what you can absorb. If the condition that is causing the malabsorption is not treated it won't matter how much you take.